About Coffee Enema

Coffee enema is an effective, natural and low cost method to detoxify our body. It is a method used by Dr. Max Gerson to treat his patients since 1917. Although it doesn’t gain popularity for many years, more people are realizing its benefits and find it effective. It is a process of introducing coffee with enema equipment into our body through anus.

What’s In It For Me?

Coffee enema has many benefits. Since our foods are mostly highly processed and refined, it is hard for our body to digest it. Some of them will stay in our colon and cause many health problems. Toxins which we obtain from foods are also significant because we are taking fruits and vegetables with pesticide, contaminated water, meat with antibiotics and other hormones.

All these wastes and toxins stay in our body and cause problems such as constipation, allergies, obesity, skin problems and much more. Coffee enema is able to stimulate the liver to speed up the detoxification. After doing coffee enema, you might find lots of wastes you’ve probably never seen in your life coming out from your body. Many individuals reported various benefits they gained coffee enema.

For me, I lost a significant amount of weight, feel healthier and my skin became clearer. That’s the reason I started this websites to share my experience.

How To Do Coffee Enema?

Well, there are many different ways of doing coffee enema. Each experts might suggest you different ways. From my experience, there are 3 things which are important:

1. Prepare your equipments.
2. Cook your coffee.
3. Use your enema equipment to enter the coffee.

Here’s a brief instruction for the coffee enema process:

Prepare an enema bag or bucket. I’ve used enema bag for my coffee enema and never tried bucket. Next you need organic coffee or non-decaffeinated coffee, purified water, steel vessel, jug and some olive oil.

Put some water to boil 2 teaspoon of coffee. Mix the coffee with cool water and use your hand to make sure the temperature is similar to your body temperature. Pour it into your enema bag.

Find a place in your toilet. Apply some olive oil on the tube, insert the tube into your anus and lie on the floor in your toilet. Release the coffee and make sure you hold the coffee in your body for a few minutes. If you can’t hold the whole bag of coffee, just go to the toilet bowl and release it. Repeat the process until the coffee in the enema bag is finished. Don’t force your body to hold the coffee for too long.