Coffee Enema Directions

Coffee enema is a very natural, easy and effective way of cleansing our own body. It was started by Dr. Max Gerson since 1917 and has been used till today. Coffee enemas is about entering the coffee into our body through rectum. When the coffee enters, the thin tissues around the anus allow the body to absorb caffeine and other natural substances from the coffee quicker.

When coffee is absorbed, it is delivered to the liver and speed up the detoxification. More wastes, toxins and harmful parasites will be cleared out of our body. There are 3 simple steps to do coffee enema:

Step 1: Preparing the coffee enema materials
Step 2: Preparing the coffee
Step 3: Entering the coffee with enema kit

There are only 5 materials that are needed for coffee enema: Reusable enema kit, organic coffee or high quality coffee that is not decaffeinated, pot, jug, purified or filtered water.

Next, mix 2 teaspoon of coffee powder into the pot with 0.5 litre of water. Boil it for 10 minutes. Mix it with another 1 litre of water in the jug. Use your hand to touch the coffee and make sure the temperature is almost the same as our body temperature.

Pour the coffee into your enema kit and hang it at the door knob or something at that height in your bathroom. Release some coffee out from the enema bag to make sure the tube has no air. Put some live oil on at the end of the tube. Enter 2 inches of the tube in your anus. Lie down on the floor with your right facing down. Release the coffee and hold them for 10 minutes before releasing it.